Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Splash Page: Final Crisis #7

Over at The Final Crisis Dialogues, Tim Callahan and I have finally posted our discussion of Final Crisis #7 (and, by that, I mean Tim posted our discussion). A lot has been said about that final issue, including thoughts by Tim and I separately, but ignore all of that! This is the final word on Final Crisis! (At least until Tim or I decided to write more about it...) We forego things like "plot" and get to the heart of things: poetry versus prose! Tie-ins! Sonny Sumo! And, of course, we don't always agree, but isn't it better that way?

Plus, it's pretty long. It would have been longer, but Tim has to go to New York and, thus, we suddenly had a deadline. But, rest assured, we could have kept on talking for a whole lot longer! So go read it NOW!!!