Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sleven (Or, Fuck You, Marvel)

Today, my roommate and I went to 7-11. He had to get some stuff, I wanted to get a slushy and some chips. While he was filling out his Proline ticket, I looked at the magazines, specifically the comics. I sometimes look in case there's something there the local shop didn't have on my last visit and this time there was: Thor #3. So, I grabbed it and was kind of happy that I would be taking a comic home because getting a random comic is always nice. Makes me feel like a kid again, like I had saved up my change and had just enough money for one comic and had to choose which one I would be getting--except without the limited money or the tough choice.

I'm paying for my stuff and the manager looks at the comic and says, "You're actually buying that?" Not out of digust, but surprise. Not out of surprise that a 24-year old man is buying a comic, but that anyone is actually buying a comic at 7-11. She then went on to say that she'd been considering getting rid of the comics altogether, because most people go to comic stores for their comics. I agreed, because, well, it's true. In the year and a month I've been in Windsor, I've gotten maybe four comics from that 7-11. Most likely a record.

And when I got home, I realised why no one buys comics at 7-11: the cover price. The first two issues of Thor cost $2.99/$3.75 (American/Canadian) and were purchased from a comic shop. This issue? $3.99/$5.75.


Fuck you, Marvel. There's no nice way to put that. It's just fuck you. I paid almost six dollars for this issue of Thor. Two dollars more than I would at a comic shop. Why is it TWO dollars more, by the way? The American price is a dollar more, but the Canadian is two? Fuck you, Marvel.

That's why kids don't read comics. Or, it's a reason why. I don't usually get all "comics were cheaper when I was a kid," but SIX FUCKING DOLLARS FOR AN ISSUE OF THOR!

Fuck you, Marvel, you fucking price-gouging assholes.

(Really, I would be more intelligent about my argument here, but it's six bucks for a comic. At a 7-11. A regular comic. Nothing special about this one. Goddamn.)

As for the actual issue, I enjoyed it. Not six dollars enjoyed it, though. Not even close. I mean, how could I?