Sunday, September 09, 2007

Comics are closer now

One of the best things about Casa de Chadam (my new place) is that it cuts my walk to the nearest comic shop in half. It now takes me around 25 minutes to walk there, which does me just fine. Throw in browsing and stopping to buy a pop and it's an hour trip total. What I'm getting at is: I bought comics today. Strangely enough, I bought mostly comics I went there looking for. Who knew.

Amazing Spider-Man #544

The initial irony of this book is the cover: in the upper left-hand corner, it proclaims "Still only 399¢" . . . and, out of the eight comics I bought this week, it's the most expensive by a dollar. Every other comic is $2.99 US.

Oh, and then there's the irony of the cover asking "What would you do if you only have one more day?!" My answer: not read this comic.

I've always had a soft spot for Spider-Man and figured I'd check out this soon-to-be-landmark storyline and . . . this is it? Aunt May is dying, Peter won't let her be a charity case, so he beats up Iron Man and shames him into funding her healthcare only to run off at the end to find some magic cure to being really fucking old and shot. If the preview for next issue tells me anything, his first stop is Dr. Strange, which makes sense, because the only logical way to cure being old and shot would be magic.

One question: if Peter is in too much of a hurry to put on his costume before fighting Iron Man, why does he put it on at the end of the issue when she's in no better shape other than the fact that her bill is covered? Just wondering.

I do plan on buying the rest of the issues, because I'm a sucker and I do hope things pick up.

Infinity Inc. #1

Hmm, interesting. I really like the idea of a book that explores what happens to people after they lose superpowers. Not just superpowers, but the fame that came with them. Peter Milligan seems one of the best choices to handle this sort of book. I almost wish they'd just let him run with that concept and forget the standard supervillain bullshit that's obviously been thrown in. It's boring and drags the issue down. Damaged people trying to deal with the shitty hand they've been dealt is much more interesting. Hell, for me, the issue ended with Gerome (formerly Nuklon) with a doctor, discussing his obsessive narcisism and then--another Gerome shows up talking about Gerome begged him to pose nude the previous day. Then there's more stuff with the lame leather-clad, long-haired goth-esque bad guy and Natasha's feet disappear.

Max Fiumara's art is good, except for his John Henry Irons, who I think he draws a little too thing and a little too young. Otherwise, his art reminds me of a rough cross between Javier Pulido and Stuart Immonen (although the style Immonen used years ago when he was on the Superman books). (And if you're wondering where I got THAT combination, I don't know. Just the artists I thought of while looking at the art.)

Wolverine #57

I picked this up based on the recommendation of the guy at the shop. As longtime readers of the blog may know, I gave Blade a couple of shots and it failed to impress. But, hey, I did enjoy what Guggenheim did on Wolverine during the Civil War crossover.

This issue isn't bad. It begins with Logan in World War I, killing many Germans. And, then, in the present, he and an Atlantean we met during the Civil War arc, try to save Tony Stark from being killed--except it's a trap and Wolverine is left brain-dead. It's some solid entertainment and Chaykin's art is pretty good. He's a good fit for this book.

The Immortal Iron Fist #8

Writing? Top-notch. Art? Amazing. Concept? Killer. People not buying this book? Retarded.

Midnighter #11

Midnighter was a total dork growing up.

Giffen continues his story exploring Midnighter's past and his odd hometown. It's a solid arc and is actually taking the character out of his usual pseudo-Batman style. There isn't actually much here beyond another issue of introductions, in a sense. Am I the only one who's bothered by the fact that Midnighter (or should I say Lucas) is hanging out with some guy he went to high school with, but his inability to remember any of it isn't an issue?

Also, what the fuck does the cover have to do with anything? I hate generic, boring, bullshit covers like this.

Thunderbolts #116

Ellis has made Penance interesting. The fuck--?

I love how character advancement for Captain Mar-Vell was thrown in here. Apparently, he sucked at running a prison and fucked off somewhere. And then there's the "Who Wants to be Captain America?" one-page gag that doesn't actually fit into the current MU--but who cares. I wonder just how much this book fits into the MU really. The way that one-page bit works is suggesting that the reality show about people trying to become Thunderbolts could lead to a new person taking up the Captain America mantle as a member of the group. Won't happen, of course, but it's a fun little idea.

Another thing that occurred to me--and has bothered me since Civil War #1--is why do people place all of the blame for Nitro blowing up on the New Warriors? Was the team outgunned? Yeah. But, uh, Nitro was a guy who could blow himself up. Honestly, the fact that it took them this long to treat him like a serious threat is sad. He's a human suicide bomber who doesn't die. He could have been fighting the Avengers and still killed a shitload of kids. Just bothers me is all.

But, this is a solid book with lots of dark humour.

Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin #1

The fourth book in the "Joe Casey Fixes Stan Lee's Plot Holes" series. Take that, "The Man." HA!

I missed Eric Cante's art. Goddamn, it's good stuff.

Starlord #2

Heh. This book actually made me laugh. I love this group of characters as they all suck and rule in their own ways. And Giffen killed off Deathcry. Hoo-ha.

Hopefully, I'll get back into a routine and begin updating more frequently again.